You no longer have to trapse down to the local bookie to watch a horse race - these days many online bookmakers offer live streams of horse races, allowing you to watch from the comfort of your own home (or even on the move via a mobile stream).

Most of the betting sites which offer live streaming horse racing do so with streams provided from ATR (At The Races) and/or RUK (Racing UK). Watching a race is free in that it doesn't come with any kind of fee, however most sites will require you to have a bet on the race in order to be able to watch it. The size of the required bet differs from site to site and is noted in the list below.

Betting Sites That Offer Live Streaming Horse Racing

How To Watch Live Streaming Horse Racing

Live Horse Racing Stream ScreenshotWatching horse racing live on your PC, Mac or Mobile is fairly simple and the method is pretty much the same for each of the above sites. First, you need to pick a race which is going to be broadcasted - if a live stream is available (which it will be for all UK horse races) there is usually a TV icon on the race card or a text link to the live stream at the top of the page.

Then you'll need to place a bet - this varies from site to site but starts from £0.50 on the nose or £0.25 each way. Then click the link to start the stream. Coverage generally starts around 5 seconds before the start of a race.

Live Streaming FAQ

These are some of the most common questions we get asked about watching live streaming racing.

Q: Do I have to place a bet on a race to watch it?
A: Yes. The minimum bet you need to place varies, but is usually in the 50p - £1 per race range.

Q: Can I watch live streams from outside the UK?
A: This varies from site to site. If you are outside the UK then Bet365 are probably your best choice although they cannot stream to France, USA, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand.

Q: Can I watch the race from another computer?
A: No - this is to do with digital rights management. When you place your bet, the racing stream is licensed to that computer or mobile device. Make sure you bet from the computer/mobile that you want to use to watch from.

Q: Can I watch live horse racing on my iPhone/iPad/Android/mobile device?
A: Yes. Many betting sites offer both mobile betting and mobile horse racing streams.